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GOTO Leadership Series

Picture of Eoin Woods and Charles Humble

How Architecture & Culture Go Hand in Hand • Eoin Woods & Charles Humble

Charles Humble and Eoin Woods take a step back to look at the changing landscape of software architecture, emphasizing the shift towards continuous architecture and the evolving role of architects in adapting to agile methodologies. It also explores the importance of people skills in architecture, the necessity of open communication, and the preservation of a supportive culture, as exemplified by Endava's approach to fostering a collaborative environment amidst rapid growth.

Picture of Elisabeth Hendrickson and Charles Humble

Structures Shape Results: Software Insights • Elisabeth Hendrickson & Charles Humble

From debunking testing ratios to exploring the impact of organizational structures on quality, the conversation between Charles Humble and Elisabeth Hendrickson offers actionable insights for engineering leaders. With candid reflections and practical strategies, this episode promises to inspire seasoned professionals and aspiring leaders alike, providing fresh perspectives to drive meaningful change within their teams and organizations.