Charles Humble: techie, podcaster, editor,
author and consultant.

Charles is an IT industry veteran with 30 years' experience. A former software engineer, architect and CTO, he has worked as a senior leader and executive of both technology and content groups. He is experienced as a commissioning editor, was InfoQ’s editor-in-chief from 2014-2020, and was chief editor for Container Solutions from 2020-2023. During his time at CS he launched and ran WTF is Cloud Native with the marketing team, created and hosted the "Hacking the Org" podcast, and along with the brilliant Anne Currie co-authored the second edition of "The Cloud Native Attitude" eBook.

He writes regularly for The New Stack and other publications, is a highly experienced content strategist, and has spoken at multiple international conferences including GOTO (keynote), Devoxx, WTF is SRE, and QCon.

His primary areas of interest are: how we build software better, including sustainability and ethics; cloud computing; remote working; diversity and inclusion; and inspiring the next generation of developers.

Charles is also a keyboard player, and is 1/2 of ambient techno band Twofish.

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